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Theoretical Revenue Simulation of a Church with 200 Members

This could be any type of NonProfit Organization

The Church asks its members to upload their bills and to spread the word to family & friends.

Each member speaks to 10 friends/family to help them save money too.

Let’s say each person uploads 3 bills to the NonProfit Organization’s custom-built fundraising website (which we build for them for free).

This effort would create a guaranteed payout of $83,655 for the NonProfit Organization, even before our Bill Cost Reduction partner negotiates any savings for the members.

Think about how this might look if more than 200 people participated.

Once the NonProfit hits a commission tier, they stay at that tier until they qualify for the next tier.

If the same NonProfit Organization runs several different fundraising campaigns throughout the year, they will start from the tier where they left off. They will never move backwards to a lower tier. They can only move up!

This transforms ordinary campaigns into Evergreen Campaigns...

  • Weekly newsletter

  • Weekly sermons

  • Special events

  • Charity calendar

  • and more...

  • Remember, the NonProfit Organization Makes This Money Without Donations!

  • They're poised to take in a fortune by HELPING their supporters to save money.

  • It costs them NOTHING to get this up and running (and they have nothing to lose).

  • They get paid on every single bill that gets uploaded (even if the member chooses not to take advantage of the savings).

  • Do you think a NonProfit Organization would be interested in this?

  • $$$$$

    The NonProfit gets between $1 and $12 for every bill uploaded, even if the supporter does not take the deal.


    • 1-25 bills

      26-75 bills

      76-150 bills

      151-300 bills

      301-999 bills

      1000+ bills


    • >>  $ 1.00 per bill

      >> $ 2.00 per bill

      >> $ 4.00 per bill

      >> $ 6.00 per bill

      >> $ 8.00 per bill

      >> $12.00 per bill

    The NonProfit Organization gets paid on every bill that is uploaded, even if the supporter elects not to take advantage of the savings deal.

    There is zero cost for the NonProfit or the supporter.

    The supporters get amazing saving from the same providers they are using today!

    This is Perfect for Every Imaginable Type of NonProfit Organization…

  • Youth sports associations/teams

  • Churches and political groups

  • Schools/Universities

  • High School & University teams

  • Arts and Dance programs

  • Special Needs Organizations

  • Non-Profit Foundations

  • Research facilities

  • Children’s hospitals

  • Veterans’ organizations

  • Sports associations/clubs

  • Environmental and Animal Organizations

  • Food Distribution

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Social Clubs

  • National Parks,

  • and much more…

  • What Causes Do NonProfits Serve?

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