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Fundraising for NonProfit Organizations

NonProfit Saver wants to become a MEGA Sponsor for your NonProfit Organization. Essentially, we are here with bags of money to help you raise a lot of money WITHOUT needing to ask your members for donations. This just might be the greatest recession opportunity EVER!

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sack of cash

Let’s face it, right now many NonProfit Organizations are failing, because people can't afford to support them and these NonProfits rely on donations to survive.

Here are some examples:


  • 1.5+ million charitable organizations

    315,000+ congregations

    130,000+ K-12 Public Schools

    20,000 PTA's

    50,000 PTO's

    400,000+ Booster Clubs

    ...and many more...


  • Over 90% fund raise

    95% seek donations, contributions and tithing

    Over 87% conduct fundraising campaigns via the students and faculty each school year

    All conduct fundraising activities yearly

    All conduct fundraising activities yearly

    All conduct fundraising activities yearly

They need a new way...

In the past, Americans Have Been
Able to Sustain their Incredible Work...

Americans gave $484.85 Billion in 2021.
Out of that:

  • Corporations gave $21.08 Billion

  • Foundations gave $90.88 Billion

  • Giving by bequest was $46.01 Billion

  • But the largest source of charitable
    giving BY FAR came from individuals
    who gave $326.87 billion, representing
    67% of total giving.


    As your "Sponsor Hero," NonProfit Saver will...

  • Support your NonProfit Organization in your moment of need.

  • Support your members in their moment of need.

  • How? We are armed with bags of money to give to YOUR NonProfit!

  • How on earth does this work?

    Who gives NonProfit Saver the money to give away?

    What does the NonProfit Organization need to do to make this happen?

    NonProfit Saver has partnered with BillSaver, a Bill Cost Reduction company. Your members can upload their bills to BillSaver's secure server. BillSaver will negotiate with your members' existing vendors to try to get them a better deal. If they get them a better deal, and if your member decides to take advantage of the deal, then the member will split the difference with them 50/50.


    Step #1:

    NonProfit Saver's team will build a terrific website for the NonProfit Org. for FREE! The website will invite their personal supporters to upload their bills and save money.

    We build a FREE website for the NonProfit

    Step #2:

    The NonProfit invites their fans and members to upload copies of their personal bill statements. The website is connected to our Bill Cost Reduction partner.

    members upload their bills

    Step #3:

    Our negotiators will immediately go to work to get your supporters better pricing (with the same vendor):

  • Our Cost Reduction partner will negotiate a better price.

  • On average, participants save $900-$1500 on their bills per year.

  • The Savings are split 50/50 with the Cost Reduction company.

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    Types of bills:

  • Cable TV

  • Insurance

  • Internet

  • Pest Control

  • Phone

  • Satellite Radio

  • Security

  • Utilities

  • Water Delivery

  • Travel

  • and more...

  • There is no risk to the supporter. They are never obligated to take the deal, but they could wind up saving a lot of money.

    Step #4:

    The NonProfit gets between $1 and $12 for every bill uploaded, even if the supporter does not take the deal.


    • 1-25 bills

      26-75 bills

      76-150 bills

      151-300 bills

      301-999 bills

      1000+ bills


    • >>  $ 1.00 per bill

      >> $ 2.00 per bill

      >> $ 4.00 per bill

      >> $ 6.00 per bill

      >> $ 8.00 per bill

      >> $12.00 per bill

    The NonProfit Organization gets paid on every bill that is uploaded, even if the supporter elects not to take advantage of the savings deal.

    There is zero cost for the NonProfit or the supporter.

    The supporters get amazing saving from the same providers they are using today!

    Remember, the NonProfit Organization Makes This Money WITHOUT Donations!

  • They’re poised to take in a fortune by HELPING their supporters to SAVE money.

  • It costs them NOTHING to get this up and running (and they have nothing to lose).

  • They get PAID on every single bill that gets uploaded (whether or not the member chooses to take advantage of the savings). 

  • As a NonProfit Organization, are you interested in this?

  • This is Perfect for Every Imaginable Type of NonProfit Organization…

  • Youth sports associations/teams

  • Churches, Synagogues, and political groups

  • Schools/Universities

  • High School & University teams

  • Arts and Dance programs

  • Special Needs Organizations

  • Non-Profit Foundations

  • Research facilities

  • Children’s hospitals

  • Veterans’ organizations

  • Sports associations/clubs

  • Environmental and Animal Organizations

  • Food Distribution

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Social Clubs

  • National Parks,

  • and much more…

  • What Causes Do NonProfits Serve?


    Here's What Some of Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying










    Here Are More Results We've Achieved For Our Clients

    BillSaver testimonial from Deb Lindstrom Healy
    BillSaver testimonial from Anne Azarian
    BillSaver testimonial from Cathy C
    BillSaver testimonial from Tim Dunn
    BillSaver testimonial from Phil Warren
    BillSaver testimonial from Susan H
    BillSaver testimonial from Joann C
    BillSaver testimonials from Lisa Kennedy & George Hughes
  • This is Amazingly Powerful Because Everyone is a Winner!

    1. The Supporters WIN, because they reduce their costs while helping their cause.

    2.  The NonProfit Organizations WIN, because they are getting free money, sponsored by NonProfit Saver...

    Once the campaign is set up, the whole thing operates on autopilot. The Bill Cost Reduction company does all of the negotiations and they pay the NonProfit Organizations.

    This is super viral, because it uses the most enthusiastic group of members in the world: Cause Supporters!

    This is a 100% “Done For You” service.

    The average savings for most Americans is between $900 and $1500 per year.

    Our Bill Cost Reduction company has already saving $15 Million for people and businesses on their bills.

    If you’re not sure if we can help you to reduce a bill, just upload it. There’s never any risk to you or your supporters. We charge no fee to review your bills. In a “best case” scenario, we’re going to save you money. In a “worst case” scenario, if we're unable to negotiate a better deal, we’ll tell you that you already have the best deal. You haven’t lost anything by letting us try to get you a better deal. We have an 80% success rate, so there's a very good chance we’re going to be able to get you and your supporters better deals using the same providers you use today!

    There is no requirement for you to put our logo or brand on any of your campaigns or websites.

    The NonProfit Organization never pays anything out of pocket.


    Most frequently asked questions...and answers!

    What is a "qualified bill?

    When your supporters upload their bills, they need to make sure each bill has everything we need to negotiate on their behalf:

  • All of the customer's contact information is filled out completely.

  • The bill copy provided is clear, complete, and current. 

  • The bill is for a category and provider that we are able to service. 

  • We have payment information on file from the customer, so we can bill them for our portion of the savings we our negotiation is successful. 

  • We have accepted terms of service for the customer. 

  • That's it! The more qualified bills your supporters upload, the more your organization will earn! 

  • What types of bills qualify?

    Cell Phone, Internet, Cable-TV, Satellite-TV, Internet Bundle, Phone, Satellite Radio, Storage Units, Newspaper Subscriptions, Magazine Subscriptions, Bottled Water Delivery, Trash Pick Up, Lawn Care, Propane Delivery, Pest Control, and Home Security.
    We can also renegotiate your Electricity bill IF you live in one of these unregulated states: CT, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, NH, OH, PA, RI, TX.

    What types of bills will NOT qualify?

    We always encourage our customers to submit every bill, even if they are in doubt. There is no risk! If it doesn’t qualify or if we can’t negotiate the bill, the customer will not be charged a penny for using our service.

    Generally speaking, we cannot negotiate regulated bills such as city water, sewer, electricity in regulated markets, etc., and we cannot work on bills that have long-term contracts and leases such as mortgages, car payments, etc.

    Who is negotiating for your supporters?

    We have a team of highly trained experts who are negotiating for the customer and as the customer, on their behalf. We do this every day for thousands of customers so our experts know what the deals are, who to talk to, and how to negotiate the best discount. Because we are negotiating as the customer and acting on behalf of your customer, it is ULTRA important that your supporters do not contact their provider while we are in the negotiating process, or answer any phone calls, emails or text messages from their provider. Doing so could jeopardize the negotiation process. Our advocates will notify your customer via email if we need additional information to help with the negotiation process.

    Does the supporter need to change service providers?

    No. We only negotiate additional savings and discounts with your customer’s current provider. We will not change the provider, nor will we change the service term or program type.

    What will supporters of the organization have to pay?

    The beautiful thing about our service is that it’s risk-free! That means if we can’t find any savings on a bill, they won’t pay us a penny. If we do find savings, we’ll split the savings with them and they will pay 50% of their savings over time or upfront in one lump sum for a discounted rate. This will all be detailed in an email from us when we complete our negotiations. They’ll pay our portion of the savings directly to us using the card they provided at checkout, and they will see 100% of the savings in future reduced charges from their supplier.

    Is this a hassle?

    Nope! Our whole goal is to let you live your life hassle-free! Simply upload your bills, answer a few questions, and we’ll take it from there. Automatic savings without the hassle are what we strive to provide. We’ll call your providers on your behalf and you’ll only hear from us after we’ve finished negotiating your account or if we have an offer for you that involves any changes on your account.

    What happens If I move or cancel my service after you've saved me money?

    We only bill you for savings you actually receive. If you move or cancel a service before your savings period is up, just let us know and we will stop billing you. If you know you are moving in the future, please be sure to let us know, so we can negotiate for the appropriate time frame with your service provider.

    How long will this take?

    Your bill should be negotiated within a week of uploading it. Savings typically go into effect on your next billing cycle. We will keep you informed every step of the way and you’ll have an online account to track the status of each bill you send us.

    How do I upload my bill onto your site?

    The easiest way to upload a bill is as a PDF. Most providers will provide an electronic copy of your bill as a PDF. If you receive a paper bill, you can scan it or take a photograph and upload it as a PDF or JPG. Be sure to include ALL pages that outline your services, features and pricing. Bills can be uploaded by clicking “Enroll Now” and selecting the type of bill you would like to upload by clicking the respective category. If you have a bundle of services, simply choose the bundled category. Then proceed through checkout, selecting your provider and providing the specific information we need for each provider. This may include a password or Personal Identification Number (PIN), so we can negotiate on your behalf. Then upload your bill for each category. You can drag and drop a file from your desktop, or click and browse, or you can even take a photo if you are on a mobile device. The more bills you upload the more you can potentially save!

    Do you negotiate "past due" bills?

    Unfortunately, this is not part of our service. We can occasionally remedy small problems from the past during our negotiations (for example, if you have been charged for equipment you never received), but our negotiators are focused on saving you money on your future bills.

    Is my information secure?

    Absolutely! Your personal information is protected by secure encryption, and we only use your information to negotiate with your providers on your behalf. We will never share, rent or sell your personal information. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we treat it as if it were our own. You can view our Privacy Policy for more details.

    Are there any bills you won't try to negotiate?

    There are a few types of bills that we are not yet set up to negotiate. We are always working to expand our offerings, but we currently are not able to negotiate: natural gas, medical and insurance bills, credit cards, mortgage and rent payments, debt services, legal fees or car payments.

    I'm a business or a NonProfit. Can you negotiate my bills?

    Of course! We love to help businesses and NonProfit organizations save money all the time.


    * The below email is just an example: Before we launch the campaign, we’ll discuss a full strategy for success as well as setup your dedicated campaign landing page.

    WE encourage the organization leader to record a short video that we’ll put on the campaign website. This should include a personal callout from you, as well as a quick explanation of the program.

    #1 Initial email

    Subject: [Supporter Name], we need your phone bill

    Hi [NAME],

    We’re launching a campaign with a cost-saving partner. It’s a win-win for all.


    You upload 3-4 service bills to this website (zero cost for you).

    A team of experts negotiate a better rate (with the same provider).*

    * They've already saved $10M for thousands of people on their cell phone bills, cable bills, internet bills, trash pickup bills, pest control bills, home security bills, and many others.

    WE WIN

    For every bill you submit they’ll pay us $1 - $12 whether you take the better deal or not.

    So here are the next steps we need you to take:

    First, share this with everyone you know. They will all save a lot of money and help our organization get the funds we need so much. Share this offer via email, social media, friends, family…they all have bills they can save big on!

    Second, find 3-4 bills you want to save on and upload them. It will help us immediately and save you a lot of money.

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